February 16, 2024

What’s gonna happen in 2024?

Well, the year started off with another month of Drink Floyd gigs here in Finland. After the DF gigs in December which all were sold out we continue the “ sold out” theme until the 2 last shows whcich we’re very well attended but not completely sold out. Still WAY beyond what we expected! We will continue with DF in the summer at Puistoblues in Järvenpää the 6.7 and Tribute of Rock the 4.10 also in Järvenpää actually. More shows in December and January 2025 again.

It’s hard to believe that it is 30 years since my first solo album was released in 1994 AND that I’ve now played guitar for 50 years! Feeling good about it and definitely not stopping ;)

My trio starts gigging again this upcoming Friday the 16.2 in Kivenlahti Pub Nousuvesi and the Shed Järvenpää the 17.2. Check the tour dates on the tour page. We have 2 festivals in France booked and a German/Swiss tour coming up in September. I have changed the set list with some older material and some new stuff too.

I’m writing new songs and we will start recording the upcoming album this spring and Finnish it this year for a release in 2025.

Be well everyone and stay tuned for more news!


October 15, 2023

Hello Guys and Gals!

We’re over halfway into the 60th Anniversary Tour now and it’s been fantastically great so far… too many kms .. but who’s counting? Yesterdays concert at Vuotalo was just brilliant, the best so far!

Thanks so much to all who’ve come to the shows and supported us.

Here are some pics from here and there + a couple of videos from the Music Fair in Jyväskylä 7.10 where I did a clinic about Gary Moore and his style of playing + played through some of his original gear like the Category 5 head, his tube screamer pedals, boss delay/reverb etc. On display there also was one of each of his signature guitars ( like one of the first CC1 Greeny LPls! ) apart from the Fender Custom shop -71 Strat. Instead there was a-62 Strat that was just gorgeous and played like butter. Thanks to Markku Piironen for all the gear and love for Gary.

Special thanks to Sampo Haapaniemi (drums) who jumped in without rehearsals and played like a King on the second half of the German tour and the last 2 dates here in Finland..
Next week Jari is back on drums and we have Ansku Mellanen on bass for 4 gigs as Masa is busy elsewhere. Enjoy and please come and see us if you are near where we play, Yes, we are very good! ;)

Remember, Never Forget (video)
Victorious (video)

September 4, 2023

Today monday the 4.9 I woke up feeling like something was wrong, terribly wrong…

Then it hit me, I didn’t know where my -63 Strat was. I searched everywhere at home and quickly biked to my rehearsalroom but no! No strat anywhere!
On saturday I had come home with the train from a gig in Vaasa with superBAN, from the train station I took a tram home in the afternoon.
That’s all I remember of me carrying my strat… or not?
Maybe age has something to do with it but I just could not remember IF I had it on the tram or not!
Panic calls to all lost and found agencys in the morning, when I finally got the right one for trains and trams they told me that only in the afternoon would they have what ever was lost during the wekend in their online system ”Please call back later”.
Around 15:00 I called again and asked if they had a blue monocase bag with a Strat in the system "No, unfortunately not” was the answer. At this point I was ready for a change of underwear!! Then the lady on the line said ”But we do have a gray guitar bag that has stickers saying "Ben 2” and "Jazzkeller Krefeld” "THAT’S IT!" I screamed!!! The colour in my opinion is blue with an orange rubber bottom but who ever put it in the system called it gray?!?!

Anyway, we’re back happily together and I changed my underwear. If you want to read more about the guitar go here: It’s a nice interview/story of how it ended up with me.

Our new video for JB Reggae will be out on friday the 8.9. It also features the same Daphne Blue Strat.