Sep 16, 2023

New pedalboard

Today I finally started the build of a new pedalboard with Santtu Lehtiniemi.
Santtu not only is good enginer and producer but also a great guitarist.
He also has built many pedalboards and racks so we decided to build this next board together.
The board is a stereo board with 2 Bluguitar Amp1 Mercuries, one used as a preamp and left side poweramp and the other as the right side poweramp.
I have 2 Bluguitat Bluboxes under the board so that I can send left and right XLR signals straight to the mixing board and have 2 Bluguitar Fatcabs a s ”monitors” for me on stage ( and they are plenty loud ;) ) Also under the board is a Cioks Ciokolate powersupply and a lehle split box that splits the singal in stereo, and a mooer yellow comp which simply didn’t fit on top of the board.
On top of the board I have a volume pedal, a Creuter Wah that goes into a Musicom loop switcher that has the Yellow comp in loop1, an octavia in loop 2, a Xvive Sweet Leo in loop 3, a NUX Voodoo Vibe in loop 4 and an Red Seven chorus in loop 5. In the effect loop and what actually splits the stereo signal and Line 6 Mk4 2 digital delay/reverb which is always on.
We’re now waiting the get the Boss patch cable kits from Music Store Köln to do the final cabeling to all the effects/amps as we just used what ever I had to check if all is ok, and if all goes well I’ll be using this board on the upcoming tour.
I should note that with out Santtu… there would be no board, Thank you Santtu.

You can find more about Ben's playing and his gear over on his YouTube channel